Building the Future

From a simple remodel to a commercial / industrial site  -- whatever your dream is, we’ll build it for you. 

We are adept at turning the simplest of ideas into a turn-key  project.   Working with a professional  construction team, we  can assist  from design through building completion.  We will personally oversee each phase of construction.  

We guarantee quality in all our work and, most importantly, timely results.

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Broten, Inc. has a 30 year history of quality residental, commercial and industrial construction in 
San Juan County, 
New Mexico.
On a firm foundation

In 1972, our founder, Scott Broten began his building career as an apprentice Ironworker during construction of San Juan Power Plants.  With this firm foundation and on-hands mentorship he earned a Journeyman's certificate and later a general contractor license.

"It's not  the size of the project or whether you build it from wood, iron or stone," he says, "it's the integrity workmanship and commitment that first goes on the drawing board that makes the difference.   Whether it's a power plant or patio every project gives you the  opportunity  to put personal integrity and skill to work."
Making it last throughout the generations.

Our total project management approach includes detailed documentation and cost verification.  We work with proven sub-contractors who share our value system.
We don't just build projects.  We develop long-standing relationships and invest in our community.  Your home, business, organization or industry site becomes an community asset.  Time and again, our expertise and proven quality construction helps families turn a house into a home; sets the stage for a successful business; creates an atmosphere where lives are changed or establishes an industrial environment where work can be completed safely and effectively.

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